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Valley of Bones - Michael Gruber One of my favorites, a thriller, a mystery, a police procedural, a wonderful introduction to the culture and place of South Florida, plus a primer on the long running conflict in Sudan. Jimmy Paz is the protagonist in a series of three books by Gurber, but the other characters in each are super as well, just terrific. I have this book in hardbound, and in a Kindle version, and the Kindle version has a fascinating addendum that is the back story to sources for Michael Gruber's experiences that allowed him to write these with such evident authenticity.

This series of three novels, of which Valley of Bones is the second, is at turns scary, thrilling, witty, and wise. Each of my many readings of these three books has been entertaining and worthwhile. This story reaches back to the 19th century to the founding of a religious order of nursing nuns who provide a back story that is itself enthralling and stirring.

Each of these novels leaves me with the feeling that it could be so, it may be so, I wish it is so.

I will be reading them again.